Digital Lead Targeting

Digital Marketing isn’t about blasting mass emails or posting on social channels or sending out coupon codes on mobile. customers are demanding more than this kind of push messaging.

Digital Marketing and Digital Lead Targeting

Digital Marketing is about finding what attracts customer to you, discovering what they’re passionate about, how you can solve a problem or how your company can improve their lives, and why your company is the right choice to help them. Then executing on that strategy.
Customers are researching, talking socially and making decisions about what they want to buy. They expect to talk to companies on whatever channel they choose — and they expect a relevant conversation.
Companies must listen socially, discover what questions customers need answered, and learn how to enter the conversation to help and guide them. This gives them a reason to value your brand over others.

What is Social CRM?

CRM, for Customer Relationship Management, is an acronym for the tools that manage the customer life cycle. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes with a goal of gaining and retaining customers.
Social CRM is the blending of CRM with the benefits of Social Media. By combining CRM with Social, companies are able to listen and engage with their customers to create deeper relationships than ever before.

But who are your Customers

We use a method to identify the personas of our current and potential customers.

1. Define Your Ideal Customer

In the most simple terms, your ideal customer means those people with the highest propensity of buying from you. They are based on from customer demographics and online behavior.
Find their biggest pain points and passions.

2. Refine Your Profile

Once you have your persona mapped, create a physical representation of that persona, including an image and all of the characteristics you have identified.

3. Validate Your Persona

Finally, using these demographics, find your ideal customer on the web and see if their interests / concerns / values match those of the persona identified. If your buyer persona is a young male professional with a wife and two kids, find relevant blogs and look for articles geared towards professionals. “How Guys Maintain Work-Life Balance,” for example.  Look at the blog and the comments.  Note which articles are shared and commented on most and see if any trending topics emerge.

With the identification of your potential customers and by using available tools for CRM and Social CRM integration The Age of Social Lead Targeting Has Arrived.