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Your Own Truth

Speak Your Truth

…People have truths but businesses do to.  It is important that the real business shines through online because first of all it is your brand reputation and secondly people can spot a fake.  If your business is a cutting edge trendy item, make sure that is reflected online.  If you are a boring, everyday item that is not sexy but certainly true blue, make that evident.  It all starts with web design, function and usability.

You Gotta Be You..its truer than true

Chris Brogan referred to the Trust Agents who trade in trust, reputation, and relationships; Mari Smith calls for The New Relationship Marketing and the building of  this crucial new skill set; Guy Kawasaki calls it Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions.  It is even more important to live your values, walk the talk, deliver what you promise, not say stupid stuff, be real and accessible, and all those things that simply sound impossible.  You see, the power that can so efficiently destroy your business, is also the power that can boost you to heavenly heights.

No matter what it is called, those skilled in the dual skills of transparency and charm (woo) are ahead of the curve.  That does not mean that those of us who are not charming are doomed.  On the contrary, it means that we have probably not scratched the surface of our potential in the hands of a skilled “You Diviner”.  So if you need help finding your voice, expressing your excellence or communicating your value.  Just ask.  We will show you the way.

Where, what and when you Speak Matters

For a Business the Goal of Being online is to improve your business – either the bottom line, the future bottom line or sustainability.  Even if you really enjoy communicating with customers or future customers you are in business to make money right?  That is why what you say, when you say it and where you say it is important.  Having a Digital Presence does not mean that you have to be on every platform, talk to every person or create a multi thousand dollar video of your operation.    Be selective, be consistent and be true.