Mobile and Tablet Advertising

Almost everyone owns a smartphone or a tablet. If you have been observant, you know how many people are busy tapping on screens. You see them when commuting, at coffee shops, lounges, terminals, or at any place where people wait in line – bottomline, mobile users are everywhere! They use it for convenience, play interactive […]

Using Social Media To Build Links

Building Links with Social Media Building links has always been a staple of SEO but with the changes in Google – Panda and Penguin – this became more complicated.  Social Media provides a natural and interactive method of building links which is what Google is looking for.  This article in Social Media Today lays out […]

Content Marketing and Optimization

Inside Edge – September 2012 Emphasizing the Value of Content Marketing A number of significant upgrades to Internet and search engine technologies have redefined the Internet as we see it today. With the recent introduction of Google’s Panda and Penguin search algorithms, the importance of quality content is now more relevant than ever. These latest […]

Landing Page Optimization

Inside Edge – November 2012 Landing Page Optimization = Increased ROI Quality Traffic + Conversion A landing page is, literally, where your online visitors ‘land’. It is your web page that is displayed when a visitor clicks an online advertisement, or a link from search engine results pages, or scans your QR code with a smart […]

YouTube Video Marketing and Optimization

Inside Edge – Aug 2012 Give your Digital Presence a Boost with Video Marketing Online videos are a great medium to showcase your products and services, especially now since so many users browse the Internet on their smart-phones and tablets, which offer a rich video experience. The great thing about using videos for marketing is […]

A Little Soft Around the Edges

Maryn Williams, President of Williams Strategic  in Nashville, TN,  works with clients to improve their Internet Marketing. Prior to the internet, (yes, there was a world before the internet) she held marketing and operational leadership positions.  She draws heavily on that business experience to help her clients succeed and to manage projects. Her hands on approach […]

Knows How to Get Things Done

Barnett Williams VP of Williams Strategic, in Nashville, TN, Barnett is an accomplished executive in the corporate world and successful entrepreneur in the small business environment.  He has demonstrated expertise in new business / division startups, strategic positioning and product development.  With an Engineering Degree and MBA from Vanderbilt Barnett has over 25 yrs of International […]

WSI Digital Marketing

We Proudly Represent WSI WSI is a digital marketing company with an international presence and local offices.  As Digital Marketing Consultants of WSI we have all been trained and are able to utilize this knowledge and expertise to make a difference for businesses all around the world. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, WSI has offices in over 80 […]