Content Marketing and Optimization

Inside Edge – September 2012

Emphasizing the Value of Content Marketing

A number of significant upgrades to Internet and search engine technologies have redefined the Internet as we see it today. With the recent introduction of Google’s Panda and Penguin search algorithms, the importance of quality content is now more relevant than ever. These latest updates have caused marketers to think of novel ways to create compelling content for users instead of resorting to tweaks and tricks to merely improve search engine rankings.

How Can Your Business Leverage Content Marketing

Is your business geared to conform to the new standards in content marketing? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Line-up Your Business Goals with Google’s: Google’s aim is clear and simple – easy and effective search. And in its goal to ensure relevant search, Google will continue to adjust its algorithms to deliver more valuable and original content to search users. Develop effective content that is deserving of a superior ranking and serves your goal of adding value to your customers.
  • Employ Unique Content Methods: Sometimes users want more than just text and images, no matter how exceptional the content may be. That’s why video and streaming visual content makes for a great addition. Correctly implemented, it can engage your target audiences and coerce them into taking positive actions.
  • Solve the User’s Problems: In the e-commerce domain, almost every online store is akin to a digital product shelf, functioning on the premise that users only want to buy a product – not have to seek answers to a myriad of questions. Offer your products with detailed information and buying guides. Solve the user’s dilemma, and they’ll be glad to purchase from you. Compel them to collect haphazard details without direction and they’ll get confused or frustrated and leave.
  • Devise A Long Term Content Strategy: Content is a powerful tool that can drive targeted traffic and increase sales; something link building cannot easily do. With link building, one can only hope for increased search engine visibility; not necessarily lead generation. Let link building become a result of meaningful, shareable content.

Creating Valuable Content

Creating good content precedes everything else in the world of inbound marketing. Better results are seen with premium content, and the more quality content you produce, the better the outcome.

  • ‘Panda(e)-monium’ is Good: Although search marketers are frantically trying to bypass the Panda and Penguin guidelines and retrieve their lost search engine rankings, the fact is that future updates from Google will certainly be even more stringent. On the positive side, it means increased demand for quality writers, bloggers and original content creators! Develop outstanding, engaging and interesting content following SEO best practices and you’ve won half the battle.
  • Over-Optimization is Dead: Enhancing ROI (Return on Investment) for your search marketing initiatives is crucial. Quality content goes a long way towards building repeat, qualified traffic to your blog, website and other online properties. You can generate revenue from web ads, e-business, affiliates, link-building, etc. But to ensure ongoing returns, you need relevant content that is always fresh.

Essentials of Online Content Marketing

Here’s a handy set of pointers to help you create meaningful and engaging content:

  • Keep Adding More: If an older page is updated with a good amount of content, Google interprets your site as having a hard-working Webmaster and activates the “freshness formula”. How much content is updated on the site is crucial; simply adding new links to an old page can be damaging, and Google regards this suspiciously. Best practice is to write original, fresh and significant content, using a sincere tone that covers the preferred keywords in a natural manner.
  • Increase Frequency: The more pages you add, the more frequently your site will be indexed. Being indexed regularly maximizes the potential for highly-optimized pages to be rated higher than your competitors.
  • Get to know your Keywords: When building good, original content, pay close attention to the relevance of keywords. Cramming the content abnormally with keywords will not produce a good outcome for both readers and search engines.
  • Understanding Interlinking – Always remember to link to related content. For instance, if your page talks about gum care, it’s important to link to sites on toothpastes, dental floss, toothbrushes, and mouth fresheners.

Be a step ahead of rapid changes in the world of Internet marketing and social media. WSI’s holistic Internet marketing services will deliver greater brand visibility for your business using cost-effective, sustainable methods such as content marketing. If you are looking to relate strategically, consistently, and in a relevant manner to users, contact us to discuss effective content strategies.