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Art and Caroline Join the Conversation

Make new friends but keep the old, One is Silver and the other Gold.  The Internet has done more to make this children’s rhyme come to life than anything else in the history of the world.  In real life we might meet and speak to xxx people a day (at least after college).  Online that average jumps to xxx.  A business is no different.  We have a client that routinely visits customers and potential customers.  He is able to personally interact with 60 people a month.  Online, with social media, email marketing and a well developed mobile app he is able to connect to 600 on a regular basis and be seen by another 5000.

Meet Your Customer Where They Are

People are talking, make sure they hear you too!  Online there are conversations about your service, your employees, your job openings, your products or work, your response to crisis, your publicly released statements.  In this one image of tweets about Jet  Blue Twitter we can see opportunity for every function to engage in the conversation.Jet Blue Twitter Feed

Guy Kawasaki uses the term Enchantment to describe the goal of businesses online, or offline for that matter.  By enchanting businesses are able to develop Brand Advocates. Some others refer to this as building your tribe and even more simply say it is creating Enduring Relationships. No matter what it is called, it is based on knowing who you are, who your customers are and connecting in meaningful ways.