Mobile Apps

Mobile Growth

The number of Mobile Devices sold globally makes it clear that consumers want a more personalized, easily accessible and convenient way to access the internet. The mobile revolution is real and it’s big. Mobile users enjoy a better experience than the PC. This ease of use, combined with the fact that people are carrying a device in their pocket, is a marketing goldmine.

Apps – Our new Right Hand  Man

Consumers  love apps.  even those typically small, specialized programs and games.  As programmers mature, these programs will  move beyond games, GPS, and media, to more personalized applications that monitor, remind, suggest, learn, and know their users’ profiles and preferences. Brands will need to make greater use of such emotional and intimate connections.

Consumers want Apps

The mobile app has taken the world by storm with billions of these sold. The mobile app experience is fun, easy, personal and well-integrated into our daily lives. For marketers, the app platforms represent a huge opportunity.  For example,

  • Impulse buying can occur with simple push notifications or reminders.
  • Advertising to a users right hand means your product or service stays  top of mind.
  • Sharing with friends and associates is easier with an app
  • Engagement drives loyalty.

Mobile Stats


Number of mobile shoppers to increase 50% by 2014

According to a report from Juniper Research the number of users buying from their handsets will increase 50 percent in the next two years. The study considers mobile a significant revenue channel for the future versus just another opportunity for sales.

Juniper Research’s “Mobile Payments for Digital and Physical Goods: Opportunity Analysis 2012 – 2017” report looks at how mobile commerce will not only affect bricks-and-mortar stores but also ecommerce sites.  In addition to an increase in the number of mobile shoppers, consumers will also buy from their mobile devices more frequently with larger shopping carts.

In many cases consumers will be browsing on the tablet and smartphone while watching TV, offering the opportunity for brands to emphasize the connection between the content on the primary screen — the TV — and the product on offer on the secondary screen.

“Mobile  should now be integral to brand and retailer strategy — those that fail to implement a mobile strategy will inevitably fall behind,”.

Fundamental mobile marketing practices keep your brand perpetually connected with customers. Connect, engage and provide expertise whenever and wherever your audience needs you.

Mobile marketing is an instrumental solution for giving your products and services an omnipresence in consumer’s lives. Within seconds, you can connect and interact as if they were standing in your store or office.

Target and Stay Personal:

Customize brand messages for diversified audiences and specific individuals. Open up the communication channels in order to interact and build the kind of relationships that retains customers and attract new ones.

Augment Your Entire Digital Strategy:

Easily integrate your mobile marketing initiatives with the rest of your digital campaigns, like your communication strategies or social media efforts.

Become Conveniently Viral:

Establishing a strong presence on your customers’ small screens easily qualifies your content as easy-to-share. Just by making your content mobile-friendly, audiences become more likely to spread the word.

Track the Action:

Analytics are instantaneous, enabling you to better analyze user behaviour and ensure you know which elements of your campaigns are working and which need improvement.

Develop a new mobile marketing strategy now and begin interacting with the right target audience at precisely the right time. For more information on how to develop a mobile marketing strategy tailored to your business needs, contact us at 888.871.4576 or email us at