Social Interactions

People Buy from People

We live in a world where it is no longer B2C or B2B but P2P – People to People.  Or as I like to say P2D 2 D2P or People to Device to People because personal connections are first made online through our chosen device.  This impacts how much of the message is read, the visual impact of the graphics, and the amount of text that is needed to convey the message.

Unfiltered Multiway Communication

The digital age has moved us from one way communication to multiway communication without filters – no middlemen.   Immediate response means there is no time for a committee or editor to analyze the content.  There is no TV station or radio personality making sure you are responding correctly.  There is you (and yours) interacting directly with the customers.

Soft skills trump …

Social Media is more about psychology than technology.  “The absolute most important thing in communication is to hear what is being said” Peter Drucker.  Social media communication is fast, fragmented, and impulsive.  Engaging with people is also fleeting and hasty.  The people who are charged with social media – we recommend it includes your entire company – must have  an understanding of the strategy, a knowledge of the objectives, an ability to empathize and a dedication to the effort.  Usually it works best when an expert leads the charge and others follow.

When done Right the Customer Sell for You

Company to Customer


Discover How to Fuse Traditional with Groundbreaking Sales Techniques! Innovate, network, and outperform your competitors with Social Selling.

Here are a few interesting facts that all sales professionals need to process and accept (sooner rather than later):

  • 93% of B2B buyers begin their buying journey online!
  • 65% – 70% of the buying journey is conducted entirely free from sales representatives!

It sounds like a harsh reality but Williams Strategic’s can show any sales professional how to plunge into the digital realm and embrace social selling to drive revenue. Learn how to:

  • Optimize your social media profiles to ensure maximum visibility and credibility with buyers
  • Develop a road map of your ideal demographics’ buyer persona
  • Learn to publish, share and syndicate valuable content
  • Leverage social listening – enabling you to monitor social channels for “trigger events”
  • Build a guaranteed Social Lead Generation program
  • Develop powerful, internal assets to drive internal leads and amplify lead conversion
  • Utilize social selling for competitive intelligence
  • Integrate advanced social selling tools to harmonize lead generation efforts

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