Reputation Management

You are whatever Google says you are.  It’s that simple.  Search engine results and user reviews, not to mention videos, can make or break you – as a business and as a person.  So guarding and building your reputation is of paramount importance.

What is Online Reputation Management

Basically, online reputation management (ORM) Reputation management is the practice of monitoring the reputation of an individual or brand, addressing contents which are damaging to it, and using customer’s responses to get feedback or early warning signals to reputation problems. Much like identity theft, if you wait until you know there is a problem, you have waited too long.

The New Face of PR

The Internet, makes it easier and even encourages us to voice our opinions to the world. Whether you’ve had a good or bad experience, it only takes a few minutes to tell the rest of the world about it.  The old saying of “A customer with a bad experience tells ten people about it.” has become, “A customer with a bad experience tells hundreds and thousands of people about it.