Web Site Report

WebScan Report

Utilizing a variety of tools including our proprietary WebScan report, we are able to assess the health of your website.  The result is a full website intelligence report  with over 40 tests that have evaluated the health of your site as viewed by the geeks – everything from broken links and W3C compliance to amount of content and link strength.  For example:

  • Need for speed – the Internet requires this so we check the load and response time of your site as well as file sizes.
  • Analytics software typically records a huge amount of information and we check to see how many pages are being tracked.
  • If you want to be found for a keyword, you have to spell it right and our system is clever enough to find spelling errors in the really hidden parts of your site: the meta tags, page titles and alt text.
  • Based on keywords you want to rank well for, the report identifies your position in Google or other top search engines and scores your performance out of 10.  With over 80% of web traffic originating from search engines, this is a crucial marketing measure for your site. These results are best when compared to our Content keywords test, for a fuller picture of your SEO.

SEO and Social Report

Our Web Presence Optimizer report  provides: a collection of data including SEO ranking data, backlinking data, competitive and keyword research, business intelligence, workflow and reporting. When combined with the monitoring and platform reports this information is invaluable to evaluate the impact of your website.