Display Ads

Dynamic Display Solutions

Have you ever visited a site and then noticed that it seems to be stalking you?  Everywhere you look there is an ad for that site or a friend who liked it?   Or have you ever had a friend who bought something, say a new car, and now you see that type of car in every style, color and custom body-type they come in -everywhere!

This phenomenon is called retargeting or top-of-mind awareness and it’s exactly why display advertising works so well. These display solutions give your business the chance to remain top-of-mind for potential customers who might be interested in your product or service. We know that the funnel for making a purchase generally involves several points of contact with your business and you should never assume that once a potential customer visits your site and decides not to buy that they’re a lost cause.

Hooking The Intelligent Customer

Consumers are smarter than they’ve ever been and spend more time looking for information. That is why you have to be smarter too – or at least you have to hire smarter – right?  It’s very likely that potential customers visiting your site for the first time aren’t yet ready to make a purchase. If they leave your site and you aren’t doing anything to get them back, they may not come back. But display advertising has the ability to keep your products or services top-of-mind for the potential customer and even nudge them back to your site.

Display ad solutions exhibit your unique brand while cultivating top-of-mind awareness. Keep your brand name up front and center to attract and engage your target market.

The display advertising initiatives will prove instrumental in bolstering your brand’s unique image and integrity while motivating your customer’s decisions.

With careful consideration and succinct precision, your digital display ads will offer a tangible method for:

  • Quickly and easily increasing brand visibility to your target audience.
  • Reaching prospects at every stage in the buying cycle to drastically boost conversions
  • Reviewing and acting on leads while they’re new and hot
  • Visually capturing your audience’s attention and keeping them engaged
  • Helping your customers connect and build a relationship with your brand
  • Facilitating brand awareness that could augment offline sales

Develop a custom display advertising campaign today to amplify your brand now. For more information on how to develop a display advertising campaign for your brand’s unique needs, send us a message at mwilliams@wsiwebsense.com or give us a call at 888-871-4576.