Paid Search

Paid advertising is not new.  It is not mysterious.  It is just that the online world turned it around a bit.  Back in the day, ads were purchased based on circulation and impressions with the expectation that the more people who saw an ad, the more people would buy the product or service.  Now with the internet we are able to place ads directly targetted at our specific audience and even better, we do not have to pay unless that audience clicks on our ad.  How cool is that ?

Successful paid advertising campaigns (Pay Per Click or PPC) include:

  1. Right Keywords
  2. Right Audience
  3. Attention Grabbing Headlines
  4. Optimized Landing Page
  5. Tracking of Behavior and who becomes customer

I defer to the experts in this arena, Google, to provide the real details but we work closely with Google and other search engines to make sure your ads are converting viewers to customers.

Google Adwords Five Pillars of PPC Success

Pay-Per-Click Solutions Amplify Web Traffic and Online Conversions. Command over PPC draws in the right prospect at precisely the right time.

Pay-per-click or paid advertising is an instrumental tool for attracting the kind of online visitors that are already interested in your products or services! The advantage of building your own PPC campaign include:

  • Advertising space on Google – Keeping you up front and center for hot prospects
  • Budget-friendly techniques – You set your budgets and only pay when prospects click to visit your site
  • Flexibility to make changes on the fly – Adjust budgets or ad copy any time throughout your campaign
  • Advertising wherever you want – Tailor your campaign to target prospects locally or even globally
  • Ample competitive research data – Analyze keywords, bid levels and ad updates by direct competitors
  • All inclusive performance metrics – Keep an eye on what elements work and what could use some help
  • Reach prospects on the go – Your ads are also served up on smartphones and tablets.

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