Search Engine Optimization – The mysterious term thrown around in the online community but not understood by mere mortals who manage and own businesses.  Oh, we know it means that your website, page and profile show up on Google in the top results and that those geeks in the corner are doing things to make that happen.  But what are they really doing?

The question is not only what but when, how, how often and with whom.  Search Engine optimization is a complex and tedious process.   It is not all that difficult, it is just time consuming and ever changing.  The search engines continually change their algorithms which alters who they bestow favor upon.  Your competitors are continually changing in an effort to stay on the top of the search engines and your partners online are changing as well.   This means that even once you get to the top, if you are lucky enough to do so, you have to continually monitor and make changes to stay there.  It is kind of like feeding a hungry family.  No matter how good the dinner was last night, you still have to feed them today.

We have our seo geeks and we keep them in the dark corners of the world but we are more than happy to shed some light on your projects and pages to make your website visible and valuable.  Just let us know and we will call them up from their dungeons.

Adaptive strategies are the weapon of choice in today’s search engine battle! Arm your brand with a competitive edge to outrank your competition.

Williams Strategic’s SEO methodology involves accuracy, timeliness and a steady ear-to-the-ground principle to ensure we employ only the best and latest industry practices, tactics, which are designed to evolve alongside Google’s rapidly progressing algorithm, include a proven formula:

All-Inclusive Research:

  • Keyword and competitive analysis
  • Current web property analysis
  • Develop key buyer personas

Technical SEO Fundamentals:

  • Perform basic on-page SEO basics
  • Establish information architecture
  • Execute responsive design

An Optimized Content Marketing Plan:

  • Establish key topics, themes, long-tail keyword phrases
  • Design content calendar

Social Syndication:

  • Launch social media campaigns
  • Broadcast content and ‘go viral’
  • Engage with customers and hot prospects

Web Analytics:

  • Dissect campaign metrics
  • Uncovers successes and challenges
  • Adapt to improve

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