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Stay on Your Toes


Stay On Your Toes

My dad was a hydraulic engineer who loved structure and control which is funny since if you have ever watched a river flowing you know that the water is ALWAYS trying to find its way outside the structure and control that is imposed on it.   As parents we start early trying to teach our children rules and tools that will ensure their ability to succeed in life if not certain endeavors.  But try as we might, the rules and boundaries  keep changing, the water overflows its banks and our daughters grow up to hate dancing!

Digital Worlds Change

If there is one thing we know for sure it is that change is constant and in the digital world change is so rapid we cannot ever rest.  There is ALWAYS a new program, a new device, a new buzzword, a new social media, a new competitor, a new opportunity, a new comment, a new browser.  Add to that the constant and continuous updates of all the programs we interact with daily and it is no surprise that the practice of online marketing is in direct contrast to the needs of control and structure.

Now here is the good news…Digital Worlds provide insight into all these changes and how it affects our business and our customers online.  There are a myriad of tools to analyze every important aspect of behavior around your company.