Social Media Profiles

Why Social Media …

Activity on Social Media increases opportunity to connect with more potential customers.  When you take an action on a social media site, people see it. If they like it, they will go to your website.  If they like your website, you gain potential customers, fans and advocates.

When you create content on a social media site that links back to your website, the search engines see that link. Every time the search engines “see” a link Open for Business

to your site they think your site is important.  When the search engines think your site is important, they will rank your website higher.
A social media campaign can position a company or members of a company as thought leaders within the industry. This increases trust among those looking for products or services in your industry


What Social Media…

The number and specific tools that are most important for your company to participate on depend on the Industry but the big hitters include
–Facebook Page
–Google+ Page and Places Profile
–Review Sites especially for Local Businesses
–Twitter Account
–LinkedIn Profile
–You Tube Channel

When Social Media…

If you do not already have these profiles or if you have them but are not active, then it is past time to get on the ball.  Did you know that all 500 of the Fortune 500 have a page on LinkedIn and that 83% of all companies have a social media presence.  Many claim that social media is essential for sustainability.

How Social Media…

Regardless of those devilish details like who does what, when, where and how, it is essential that the social profiles reflect the company and that the communications are authentic.  The specifics of how to accomplish the communication and maintenance of your profile can be handled by any of the following options.  Each has advantages and disadvantages based on the individual situation.

•In house expert focused on social media
•Outside consultant
•Social Media Team
•Combination of  the above.

The Social Realm is a Colossal Digital Stage on Which to Showcase your Skills. Leverage the social sphere to cultivate the relationship between your brand and your clients.

We show professionals from all verticals how to use the social media realm as a quintessential channel for engagement. Williams Strategic’s consultants can develop and execute a social media strategy tailored to your company, empowering your brand to:

  • Efficiently utilize major social platforms – like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter – with flare and business savvy
  • Set attainable goals that meet your brand’s vision
  • Accurately select the right social media tools that fulfills your objectives
  • Generate engaging content for targeted customers
  • Capture social campaign metrics and analyze results
  • Take a big-picture approach across all social media initiatives

Social media marketing is an invaluable platform on which to boost your brand’s and accessibility! You’ll see unparalleled results including:

  • An overall stronger relationship with customers
  • Healthy customer retention
  • Customer loyalty and advocacy of your brand
  • A new awareness on what your customers want
  • Promote one-on-one rapport with audience
  • An up-turn of brand visibility
  • Command over your brand’s public reputation
  • Augment your brand’s social clout
  • Creating new channels to generate leads
  • Encouraging brand recalls across all audiences
  • A better understanding of the nuances of communicating on each social media platform.

Amplify your brand’s visibility today with a tailored Social Media Marketing campaign! For more information on how to develop an efficient social media marketing strategy tailored to your brand, contact our team of experts at (888) 871-4576 or send Maryn an email at