Digital Readiness Report

You know the old saying:  There are three types of people – Those that make things happen, those that watch things happen and those that wonder what happened.  The same is true of companies.  Each of these examples has a culture and a system that supports this basic approach.  Our job is to find out where your company fits on that scale.

Are you Digitally Ready

How savvy are your leaders and  employees?  How pro-active is your response system?  How much and in what manner is your company prepared to support changes that will create a winning Digital Strategy?  Every company needs a plan but these questions will help determine what exactly the plan is.

Some claim that the leaders must be actively engaged in social media for success and that blogs or other content must be written internally.  We have seen many companies that are very successful working with outside resources to implement their engagement and content.  We have seen far more companies with leaders proclaiming great intentions but somehow, life gets in the way and digital engagement is pushed aside.   The critical factor is understanding limitations, being available and prioritizing communication whether the resources be internal or external.