Competitive Reviews

If there is a market for your product, you have a competitor.  We know you are special, we know no one does it like you do but if you have something of value, others do too.  Unlike days of old, the number and variety of substitutes and the ease with which customers  find alternatives is faster and better everyday.

An Online Analysis

Using our handy, dandy MBA knowledge and experience, we conduct online competitive analysis much like we were taught at Vanderbilt.  We add many online tools to evaluate the market, the industry outlook, the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and the visible strategies that they have employed online.  We look for:

  1. Identify and Compare competitor’s Search Engine Ranking Position
  2. Evaluate online Reviews and Reputation Management
  3. Identify Online vulnerabilities and strengths (how connected are they, what is their scope of influence, do they have active campaigns etc)
  4. Project % of budget for advertising vs SEO vs print and other; Social position and commitment
  5. Project Product Trends as measured by keyword and product activity.